Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Region 4
Stream Management
Hatchery Supported Streams
Hatchery-produced trout are stocked in over 30 streams in 13 counties throughout Region IV .  These streams typically cannot support trout year round, but are an important part of TWRA’s trout program and provide the only trout fishing opportunities available in some areas.  Rainbow trout in the 9-12 inch range are typically released biweekly in these streams beginning in late winter (February or March) and continuing until water temperatures become too warm (usually May or June).  Some streams with higher levels of angling pressure (e.g., Citico Creek, Tellico River, Buffalo Creek, and Beaverdam Creek) are stocked on a weekly basis.  Additionally, some streams that do support wild trout populations (e.g., Doe River, Stony Creek, Paint Creek, Beaverdam Creek, and Tellico River) are also stocked with hatchery-produced fish to help meet angling pressure.  Harvest of trout in these streams is generally encouraged as their survival is limited by summer water temperatures.  Angling regulations typically permit the harvest of seven trout per day on these streams with no size or bait restrictions.  Portions of two stocked trout streams (Paint Creek in Greene Co. and Tellico River in Monroe Co.) are also managed as “delayed harvest” fisheries.  These areas are lightly stocked in October, then only catch-and-release angling with artificial lures is allowed until March, when bait fishing and harvest are again permitted.  Delayed harvest management provided additional angling opportunities during the fall and winter and is becoming very popular.  To view the current trout stocking schedule click on the link above.
Erwin Hatchery Tank Truck
Raceways at Buffalo Springs Hatchery
Tellico Hatchery