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Trout Fry and Fingerlings
Calderwood Reservoir and Hatchery Truck
Eagle Bend Hatchery Stocking and South Holston Weir
Region IV has four hatcheries (Tellico Hatchery is in Region III) that produce fish primarily for Region IV.  trout.  Buffalo Springs and Erwin produce trout while Eagle Bend and Morristown produce warmwater species for a variety of fisheries in streams, lakes, reservoirs and tailwaters.  Together, the trout facilities produce about 600,000 (24%) of the 2.5 million trout stocked in the state.  The rest are provided by the Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery in Celina, and to a lesser extent Flintville State Fish Hatchery and Erwin National Hatchery.  Greater than 90% of the warmwater species used to manage fisheries in Region IV are produced at Eagle Bend and Morristown hatcheries.  These two facilties produce about 1.5 million fingerling fish of various species each year. 

The four Region IV hatcheries are operated and maintained by 14 full time employees and one part-time employee.  To view information about a specific hatchery click on a link above.

Coldwater Hatchery (Trout)
Warmwater Hatchery (Bass, Crappie etc.)

Morristown Hatchery